Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Electrically-lit Lantern Safety

Lanterns lit by electricity, or electrically-lit lanterns, are the easiest ones for you to deal with. Simply place these lanterns up high so that children do not bump into them, knocking over the light bulbs or causing them to come into contact with the paper. To place the lantern up high and add a neat feel to the room or outdoors, you can also hang your lanterns. These lanterns are not very dangerous, and they do not pose much of a fire hazard, for bulbs do not ignite paper easily. But, they still can, so they should not be left sitting on paper while powered on for long periods of time. Additionally, a lot of sharp glass can occur as a result of breaking a bulb, which can be very, very dangerous for children. So, place them out of reach. It is that simple.

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