Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ground Candle Paper Lanterns

Not all flame-lit lanterns are able to be hanged. Some of them have legs or other types of supports and are meant to be set on the ground. These types of lanterns should only be used around small children if the children cannot reach the lanterns because of being blocked by a physical object or feature, as any small bump can easily knock the lantern over; a flame-lit lantern falling over will cause the flame to come into contact with the paper, and it will ignite the paper, causing a fire. If you cannot block the lantern from your children, and you do not have a hanging lantern, you can find “higher ground;” a ledge or other type of flat surface that is up high can function like the ground and support your ground candle lantern.

Hanging Candle Paper Lanterns Safety

Lanterns lit by flame, or flame-lit lanterns, pose more of a hazard than the electrically-lit lanterns. Clearly, keeping your children near fire is a bad idea. For these lanterns, also, place them out of the reach of children. You are bound to find some locations that are at head level which seem like an appealing place to put the lantern because of its easy reach, but you must keep in mind your child climbing on chairs or other objects when determining the safety of the lantern’s potential location. Also, you might accidently bump into it! It is better to place them up higher, out of your easy reach, too. So, if you are using hanging candle lanterns, be sure they are out of the reach of children.

Electrically-lit Lantern Safety

Lanterns lit by electricity, or electrically-lit lanterns, are the easiest ones for you to deal with. Simply place these lanterns up high so that children do not bump into them, knocking over the light bulbs or causing them to come into contact with the paper. To place the lantern up high and add a neat feel to the room or outdoors, you can also hang your lanterns. These lanterns are not very dangerous, and they do not pose much of a fire hazard, for bulbs do not ignite paper easily. But, they still can, so they should not be left sitting on paper while powered on for long periods of time. Additionally, a lot of sharp glass can occur as a result of breaking a bulb, which can be very, very dangerous for children. So, place them out of reach. It is that simple.

The Dangers of Fire

You can protect your children from these dangers. It is not difficult to do. To start, you, as parents, should teach your children about the different dangers of fire and what it does if it touches you. If they (the children) are too young to understand, then you should keep them away from the lanterns completely. To teach them this, you can give them a demonstration of fire burning a piece of paper, and then you can tell them that this paper could be their hand. Graphic demonstrations like this will certainly get the message across. But, this is not a parenting article; this is a paper lantern safety article, so teach your kids how you would like. But, please, do teach them about the dangers of fire.

Intro to the Dangers of Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a great, cheap alternative to traditional lighting fixtures, and they are just as effective. In some ways, they are nicer, especially if you are going for an Oriental look. They are used for a variety of purposes; they are even used in film to simulate daylight. The paper lanterns we are talking about here are the simple kinds that go well in the home or garden. While they can certainly add an aesthetic appeal to their environment, they can also be dangerous, especially, around children. If you are not careful, even you can mess up and cause a fire or other safety hazard. But, it is your children you have to be especially careful about.